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Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger

Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger simplifies benefits administration processes by securely automating the delivery of employee benefits enrollment data to health insurance carriers. It helps you provide accurate, timely election information to each benefit carrier and improves communication by automatically reformatting the data already in your Sage HRMS system and sending it to your carriers on your behalf.

Streamline your entire benefits enrollment process with Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger. The automated system eliminates costly errors associated with duplicate data entry and "missed enrollments" both during open enrollment periods and life changes throughout the year. Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger makes it easy to switch carriers when you need to, giving you more flexibility to find the most cost-effective insurance plans for your company.

When combined with Sage HRMS and Benefits Enrollment, Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger offers a complete, end-to-end benefits management solution. You can rest assured knowing your employee data is protected through multilevel security, and the system provides automatic transmission confirmations so you know your benefits data has been received and set up.

Get Complete Benefits Management With Sage HRMS

  • Employees can make benefits elections online with Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment, which can then be approved and automatically updated in Sage HRMS.
  • Sage HRMS manages all types of benefit plans, defines eligibility criteria, and calculates premium and benefits costs for employees and dependents.
  • Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger closes the loop by electronically submitting annual benefit elections and new employee benefits elections to your carriers, streamlining the entire benefits management process.

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Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger

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