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HR executives face strategic challenges, economic pressures, and a multitude of tactical issues every day. Given the priority that businesses and organizations place on making their employees a competitive differentiator, HR must be able to help the organization align people with business objectives. Sage HRMS is designed to leverage HR's knowledge, processes, and systems to achieve optimal return on employee investment (ROEI).

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Be my single point of truth

The Sage HRMS centralized database contains all the present and historic information about the active and non-active employees of the organization.

Sage HRMS is your single source for flawless payroll processing, employee administration, registration, analysis, employee life-cycle management, and all other crucial employee related information.

  • The benefit: High accuracy and reliability of your data means high efficiency for your organization.
Give me peace of mind

Compliance, changes in tax and other laws, and risk management are all key responsibilities of HR. Sage HRMS provides the HR professional not only with the reports required by state and federal laws, but also with the peace of mind of knowing that changes in legislation will be taken care of. As a Dresser & Associates customer, you'll receive quarterly tax updates as a benefit of your Sage Business Care service plan as well as opportunities to participate in User Group Conferences, Online Training and Webinars.

  • The benefit: You can rest assured that the complexity of complying with all the rules is taken care of; no matter how small or large your company is, you are in good hands.
Give me total control and security

Human resource professionals are dealing with highly sensitive and personal information. That's why Saga HRMS is protected by a comprehensive yet easy to configure security system. Who can see, modify, approve, report, or otherwise access information is defined by strict rules governed by HR.

  • The benefit: HR is always in control and no unauthorized person can obtain access because you define the levels of security.
Keep me up to date

Whether you have Sage HRMS installed on your in-house server or have it hosted, Sage HRMS is designed to integrate with a multitude of online services. Examples are online tax filing,payroll paycards, benefit provider connections, and access to a wealth of HR and employee related information.

With Sage Employer Resources, Sage HRMS connects you to the latest legislative changes, provides you with information, tools and much, much more.

  • The benefit: Sage HRMS provides you the tools and resources to keep you current.
Be task- and process-oriented

Sage HRMS is built not only for HR professionals, but also by HR professionals. In addition, implementation is completed by the HR Pros at Dresser & Associates. One look at the software shows that it is centered on tasks and processes, logically grouped. Examples of such tasks are 'change job' or 'change job and salary'. The software will present a sequence of steps to complete the task in the most efficient way.

  • The benefit: Sage HRMS makes you more efficient and leaves almost no room for error.
Integrate with my ERP system

Sage HRMS is a proud member of the Sage family of products for small and midsized businesses. Sage HRMS HR and Payroll solutions integrate with many of the Sage solutions for ERP and accounting solutions including Sage Timberline.

  • The benefit: The integration between the different business solutions in your company increases your overall accuracy and efficiency, while reducing cost.
Help the entire organization with decision support

In order to create an environment in which employees deliver their optimum performance, managers need timely information, analysis tools, business process support, and other technology.

Multiple parts within Sage HRMS work flawlessly together to deliver employee-related decision support and process automation. Sage Employee Analytics is an innovative methodology for delivering secure and always up-to-date employee information.

Sage Alerts and Workflow for Sage HRMS is a tool that monitors data and provides "exception based reporting." HR Actions® for Sage HRMS is a forms-based process automation solution. And for organization modeling and "what-if" scenarios, Sage HRMS OrgPlus provides an intuitive and powerful instrument.

  • The benefit: You will receive accurate information securely when you want it where you want it.
Help the entire organization go green

Traditionally, the human resource department uses and produces a great deal of paper. Fortunately, with Sage HRMS you have the choice to entirely eliminate the production and processing of paper forms. Eliminating or reducing paper saves time, improves accuracy, breaks down barriers between locations and remote workers and it saves trees.

  • The benefit: You will save money and help the environment, while at the same time have the ability to use your conservation effort as a valuable marketing and public relations opportunity.
Improve performance by obtaining and retaining the best talent

The main asset of any organization is its employees, and companies are investing heavily in those assets. Don't underestimate the importance of attracting and retaining the right employees. Think of it as the company's return on employee investment (ROEI). Sage HRMS has selected and developed the best technology to assist in staffing management and employee development.

  • The benefit: You will obtain and retain valuable employees that will stay with the company and continue to use their acquired skills and experience to impact your bottom line, not someone else's.

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