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Workday Social Media – Distractions or productivity enhancers?

social media and productivityIt’s easy to make the assumption that updating your Facebook status or scrolling through your friend’s tweets is limiting your time to get your real work done at the office, but recent reports are finding that these social media “shorts” may actually be increasing employee productivity.

Before jumping to conclusions and siding with the “unproductive” stigma that surrounds social networking at the office, consider these points:

  • Quick posts, comments, and “likes” are the 21st century water-cooler break
  • Unproductive employees will always find ways to be unproductive, no matter how many social networks they manage
  • “Brain breathers” are necessary – an escape to your favorite flickr account may create the spark of creativity you needed to get through the next hour of your day

Used at appropriate times and in moderation, a company may see a return on employee investment by allowing social media in the workplace. If a company finds it’s employees aren’t able to manage their time effectively due to being sidetracked by social networking, the creation of an Acceptable Use Policy may be necessary to enforce.

How does social media affect your workday? Let us know in the comment section below!

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