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Use E-Verify to Determine Work Eligibility

Work in the Human Resources Department? Think about all of the employees in your organization – there may be hundreds and thousands of them – now ask yourself “if needed, could I provide legal documentation that all of these people are eligible for work in the United States?”. If you’re hesitant to answer “yes” then you may want to think about using E-Verify as a new tool for determining work eligibility for new hires.

E-Verify is a free (yes, free) tool administered by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), comprised of a team of the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security, that instantly verifies the eligibility of a new hire. Using a web browser, HR departments and applicants (through Self Check) can use information from a new hire’s I-9 to search through a database of over 60 million Department of Homeland Security and 425 million Social Security Administration records. Within three to five seconds E-Verify will give one of the following answers: “Employment Authorized”, “SSA Non-Confirmation”, or “DHS Verification in Progress”. If the employment is immediately authorized then a system-generated verification number will be provided to the employer to list on the I-9. If there is a non-confirmation or in progress search, then the employer must notify the applicant.

Free, web-based, instant results with self-service functionality. This is sounding a little too easy, right? Exactly – it’s easy. The USCIS has made it completely accessible for all employers and potential employees to search employment eligibility and investigate unknown errors. So what can E-Verify provide for your company besides instant gratification? It will give your company “compliance peace of mind”, knowing that by using E-Verify they have a “rebuttal presumption” that they are in full compliance with employment eligibility laws and I-9 forms.

Remember – with every game comes rules. Only after the E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed can the organization use the program. Any employees hired before the MOU has been signed cannot be checked through the E-Verify system. Also, unless federal or state regulations apply, employers cannot require new hires to use E-Verify Self Check as a pre-screening method.

One more thing! E-Verify is now becoming mandatory in some States and jurisdictions. Visit http://www.dresserassociates.com/e-verify.php for more information and to check your local and state laws on E-Verify.

Okay… now what are your thoughts? Let us know, below.

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