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Product Review: Sage HRMS Talent Management

For part two of our product review series, I decided to look at Sage HRMS Talent Management. This product is intended to help organizations of all sizes and in all industries increase employee engagement, productivity, retention, and alignment with organizational goals. To find out more about this product, I had the pleasure of interviewing JoAnn Jacobson, Regional Representative for Sage Specialized Solutions, and Mark Butje, Director of Product Marketing for Sage Specialized Solutions.

The first question I had for them was how Sage decided on working with Cornerstone OnDemand. Mark explained that after looking at many different products, Sage decided to go with Cornerstone because the overall product portfolio really fit with their vision for what they wanted for a talent management solution.  As they looked, they found that there weren’t many products that catered to small and mid-sized companies, and it was a priority that the product Sage picked catered to companies of all sizes.

When I asked about favorite features, JoAnn commented that the Learning Management feature is really unique.  She explained that this feature allows employees to see what skills they need to acquire and courses they need to take. This helps each individual employee identify areas that they need improve on and assigns each employee training.  This feature is really special because it empowers employees to have more control over their own destiny.

Sage HRMS Talent Management is really geared towards a company that understands the value of HR and capital management. If an organization doesn’t understand the value, they will not find the product worth the cost. Sage HRMS Talent Management provides a Return on Employee Investment, which means the company is investing in the people in the organization, not the technology. This is one of the best ways to improve, grow and become a better company.

For more information about Talent Management, please visit our website at http://www.dresserassociates.com/talent-management/overview.php.

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