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Special Needs and Circumstances with Work Relocation

At the Dresser & Associates New England User Conference, I was asked, what are some of the special needs and circumstances involved with work relocation? Below are a few examples of what we do:

As we discussed, we are constantly being asked to help companies that are using LUMP SUM in their relocation program and we have had the opportunity over the last two years to take two programs and take the same lump sum program and actually turn it into a real program for the employee and their family.

The first instance was with a company that moved primarily young doctors coming out of school and as you can imagine they were a little older and had families so they had high income potential but not great credit history so rather than treat them as just college students we were able to help them with apartment finding services in their new homes at a reduced cost since we knew that they would soon be buying homes; we had them work with our household goods mover who did a wonderful job with all of them. We actually got them into areas that they wanted to be in and working with local realtors who got commissions and by our getting referrals fees back we were able to reduce the fees back to the company for the cost of the program so that the entire cost of the program was sometimes less than the original LUMP SUM and the company ended up with a great relocation program and happy employees and families spending less money.

The idea and other programs was simply to act as if we were part of the company and try to think as if we are right down the hall from the recruiting team and that is what we did in this case and it worked. We have several ideas and examples of companies that had some very trying needs and situations let us help you with your relocation needs.

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