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Social Media Policies: Dos and Don’ts

Used correctly, social media can benefit an organization. However, if not managed effectively, it can create many legal, financial and personnel risks. Given the potential risks and benefits of social media in the workplace, it is critical for managers to develop policies and procedures governing its appropriate use. Comprehensive policies and training efforts about social media need to convey to employees that they should:social media and productivity

  • Exercise good judgment and common sense.
  • Pause before posting.
  • Not allow social networking to interrupt productivity.
  • Be mindful of their privacy settings.
  • Refrain from anonymity.
  • Be polite and responsible.
  • Be accountable and correct mistakes.
  • Use disclaimers or speak in the first person to make it clear the opinions expressed are not those of their employer.
  • Bring work-related complaints to HR, not through postings on social media sites or the Internet.
  • Remember the audience and that what is being said might create a perception about the employer.

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