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If your day is anything like mine…

You spend most of your time staring deeply into the face of a plastic computer screen, blinking and blinking your eyes, subconsciously trying to make contact with it enough to make it your friend. Unfortunately, I can tell you from a firsthand experience that it hasn’t happened, at least for me, yet. Not for lack of effort, mind you, but purely from the absence of a heart and soul, among other things, of course. Thankfully, this closed door of friendship has influenced me to move to LinkedIn for amity and meaningful connections at work. I get such a thrill of satisfaction from finding someone on LinkedIn that I met at a networking event or have a business relationship with and it’s exciting to see that person’s picture and be able to unite a voice on the phone with a face on their profile.

LinkedIn has also made it easier for me to build rapport with my clients, because, sadly, I have never had the opportunity to meet them in person. It’s really fun to see where people went to school, where they’ve worked and sometimes even, a unique fact or personal hobby is revealed. These days, with phone calls, e-mails, and texts making up the majority of, not only our interactions in the workplace, but also in our respective social circles, being able to more completely “see” a person, is, to me, invaluable. With my goal of improving and strengthening relationships, LinkedIn provides a platform where it is reciprocally beneficial to all parties involved and I hope that those that I am connected with appreciate it much as I do.

Alliance for Workforce ManagementAnother great thing about LinkedIn is the groups! There are innumerable forums and discussion boards that are educational and insightful. You’ll be surprised what you can learn about your industry and other individuals in your profession if you take time to look. I even discover new things in polls; the real-world feedback is incredibly refreshing and insightful. You can also follow and stay up-to-date on what’s new at companies that you provide services and products for and vice versa. Which is exactly what the Alliance for Workforce Management was created for, shaping a community beyond the normal scopes of business. In our Sage HRMS user group, we share pertinent and relevant information that covers HR, Payroll, and legal topics. It’s also a great place to pose a question to our consultants or inquire about anything from Crystal to social media.

If this hasn’t convinced you to add me as a connection or to join our group, then I don’t know what will, but do me this favor — next time you meet someone new and exchange business cards, try searching for them and notice how nice it is to see their face again and experience the rewarding feeling of making a new, very human acquaintance (FREE TIP: also helps you remember people’s names!).

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