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Performance Guidelines and Monitoring Tips

The following are some basic steps to manage employees’ performance, which you can incorporate into your performance review:

  • Communicate job expectations and responsibilities and document your meeting as to all issues and points covered. Be sure to obtain employee feedback specifically as it relates to any expectation that may be unrealistic.
  • Your staffer should clearly understand which tasks are most important, the conduct and results required, and the performance standards against which he or she will be judged.
  • Inform employees of the business goals related to the performance of their jobs, i.e., how they will contribute to the goals. Examples include: weekly or monthly sales targets, number of clients to contact for customer service purposes, etc. Decide what you want to measure – for example, the number of sales made by each individual and each team.
  • Create a system for measuring performance, i.e., by tracking the number of clients contacted for customer service follow-up.
  • Give ongoing feedback regarding progress to employees and teams. Be sure to compare performance against job description and goals.

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