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Managing the Generational Knowledge Gap

Generational gapThe Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently posted an article, How to Avoid a Generational ‘Train Wreck’, focusing on the knowledge gap that most companies will be facing in the coming years, as Baby Boomers retire and Gen Y and Millennials move up the ranks. As many HR departments now deal with managing and adapting to the differences of working habits and preferences of the various generations that currently makeup the workforce, it is equally as important to prepare for managing upcoming retirements.

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, with 55% of their workforce consisting of Baby Boomers, has recognized this “generational knowledge transfer” as one of the major hurdles they will need to overcome in the next five to ten years. This recognition has enabled them to devise proactive plans to keep their retention rates high while providing the necessary education and skills training required for senior level jobs. It is essential for them that all employees understand the potential “knowledge gap risk” and take a hands-on approach to the skills and knowledge transfer.

Follow this advice from Jeff Lindeman, SPHR, to help your company avoid the “Generational Train Wreck”:

  • Understand your company’s generational makeup
  • Project the generational makeup data into the future
  • Identify risk factors (retirements, etc.)
  • Begin to formulate a plan and engage stakeholders
  • Study correlations and begin to understand key variables that affect your organization
  • “Engage the minds of others to allow their brilliance to shine”

To read the full article, visit: http://www.shrm.org/Publications/HRNews/archive/Pages/AvoidTrainWreck.aspx.

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