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HRMS Adds to Your Bottomline!

The cost savings associated with HRMS can have an affect on many different areas of your business. Not only does an HRMS create savings of both time and money, but the savings can actually be defined and measured. Many users of HR Software are realizing a return on their investment, and quickly. Henley Enterprises, Inc. is just one customer that is singing praises about their dramatic savings with in-house HR and Payroll. After reading their customer success story that was released today, I would suggest anyone looking to purchase an HRMS read this story.

In The Bottom Line on HR Technology: Improving Results and Lowering Costs with a Human Resource Management System by Sage Software, a well-planned HRMS can drive costs out of your business by automating core HR, benefits, and payroll processes for increased efficiency and productivity. It can help contain and reduce the spiraling costs of employee benefits as well as increase retention by providing a high level of service to employees while controlling the costs.

A good HRMS can also help with decisions regarding your workforce and accurate, timely reporting and analysis. As well as reduce the cost of compliance and risks associated with increasingly complex and burdensome regulations. Improve processes for recruiting, developing, and retaining people with the required skills and aptitudes to meet current and future organizational needs. Reduce routine administration and paperwork, and enable you to focus more on workforce and business strategy.

Henley Enterprises decided to go with Sage Abra HRMS last January and they are already realizing big savings and added benefits. Read their customer success story as well as the Sage white paper to see how an HRMS could benefit your bottomline.

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