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HR as a Profit Center

Some companies consider HR as Overhead, but progressive companies see HR as an integral part of its business strategy. A major way for HR to be considered as a Profit Center is to capitalize on the many State and Federal Tax Credits, Grants, and other Incentives available to their company.

Many new hires will qualify for Federal hiring credits up to $8500 per qualified new hire. Many State credits and/or grants are available for training on your new or upgraded Sage Abra Software System. In Georgia, you can receive up to 1/2 of all your training costs back in tax credits. Some States will allow you to take accelerated depreciation on your software cost.

HR can be perceived as a Profit Center through involving the company in pursuing and obtaining these many Tax Credits, Grants, and other Incentives for the company, which adds many dollars to their bottom line profit!!!

Also Visit http://www.ezec.gov/ for more information

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