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Evaluating Your Recruiting and Hiring Efforts

Job PostingIn today’s job market, most applicants search for open positions online and apply through a job board or company career page. If you have a job opening, you want to attract the most applicants to have a large pool to choose from so you end up with the best possible employee. But what if the best candidates aren’t even seeing your posting?

Online recruiting and hiring systems can help businesses be more efficient in their hiring process and make it easy to attract the largest number of applicants. With an online hiring system, you can automatically send job postings to hundreds of national job boards all at once rather than having to manually enter each one. Posting to numerous sites like that is one of the best ways to ensure job seekers around the country are seeing your posts. A hiring system can also auto-refresh a posting so that it stays near the top of the most recent listings and people see it more frequently. Another way to be sure that applicants are able to find your openings is to create simple job titles that are easily found in a search and that the job descriptions have lots of keywords.

Once you post a job and the applications start pouring in, sorting through stacks of paper, managing spreadsheets, and opening countless emails can be extremely time consuming and finding the right applicant can be a real challenge. An online recruiting system can offer a variety of tools like pre-employment screening and personality assessments to screen candidates so only those who meet the highest of standards get through to the hiring manager. The system can weed out the weaker candidates, so you save time by not having to review resumes of people who are unqualified from the start.
Using a hiring system can also help you manage and keep track of your applicants. You can see who is applying for what position and you can initiate correspondence to applicants whether it be to acknowledge receipt of an application, to set up an interview or to reject an applicant. All correspondence is in one place to be reviewed at any time. A hiring system can also keep track of those applicants who continually apply and have been rejected so that a hiring manager doesn’t have to review the same unqualified person twice.

When deciding on whether to use an online hiring and recruiting system, you should start by examining your current hiring process. Look at how many openings your company typically has from year to year and what the response is like for those openings. Also, look at how many people are involved in the hiring process and if using a hiring system could help streamline this group. If you choose the right hiring and recruiting solution, your results will improve, candidates will have a great experience and hiring managers will see more on-target resumes.

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