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Dresser & Associates Serves the Right Solution to Food Management Investors

With the support and expertise of Dresser & Associates, Food Management Investors, Inc. (FMI) is proud to announce the success of their recently implemented HRMS system. FMI, which provides the back-office support for 28 restaurants across four states, experienced first hand why choosing the right HRMS system is just as important as choosing the right business partner. With more than 2,000 employees, FMI relied on spreadsheets and paper files to track the details of its employees’ job history, beneficiary, accrual, and benefit information and desperately demanded a full-service human resource management system and business partner that delivers of its promises.

FMI began the search two years ago, for an integrated HRMS, one that would incorporate payroll, human resources, and attendance tracking into a single solution. After looking at several systems, FMI ultimately decided on Sage Abra HRMS because of its easy functionality and ability to integrate with other systems. Now all FMI needed was a knowledgeable, experienced HRMS consultant to implement their new system.

After hiring a local consultant, and finding themselves unhappy with the results, FMI began the search for the right business partner to implement the system. Without having to search very hard, FMI encountered the recurring name of Dresser & Associates as the leading Sage Abra business partner and immediately contacted them. Becky Nelson, HR Supervisor for FMI recalls, “We contacted them and were immediately impressed with their knowledge of the software and of payroll and HR best practices. They had several suggestions of ways in which we could get more out of the payroll system. We hired them to complete the implementation.”

FMI has nothing but praise for the support team at Dresser & Associates. “We get a phone call every month from our consultant.” says Nelson, “They check in to see if we have questions or concerns about the software. It’s a nice touch.”

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