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Dresser & Associates Named #1 Sage Abra HRMS Business Partner

Management consulting firm, Dresser & Associates, named #1 Sage Abra HRMS Business Partner due in large part to their dedication to the continued professional success of its customers.

With dramatic changes in the way we work, people taking precedence over profitability, and an economic storm in progress, there is a great need for innovation within the HR industry. Dresser & Associates has been recognizing the needs of their customers for over fifteen years providing unique solutions for hundreds of businesses to boost productivity using human resources software.

They pride themselves on being able to recognize and assess where a human resources information system will assist a business, and make it a straight forward process to implement that software. “With these difficult economic times we realize the importance of HR and Payroll professionals to utilize their technology more effectively and efficiently for their companies to remain competitive” says Mark Dresser, President of Dresser & Associates. “Technology will cut costs and maintain cost savings monitoring within their businesses. While businesses are cutting costs and staff, they also need to utilize technology to assist them to attract and retain their key employees” says Dresser. It is this dedication to the continuing professional success of their customers that makes Dresser number one. Dresser is committed to keeping their customers up to date on the latest issues that might impact their organizations, what resources are availaible to them as well as creating additional resources.

Dresser recently launched a legal alert regarding the Stimulus Bill, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In conjunction with Medcom, Dresser has been following the legislation closely and is working with Medcom’s legal resources, professional associations, and internal staff to create a formal strategy to meet the needs of customers in light of the Stimulus Bill. Not only is Dresser keeping their customers up to date and informed but also they are providing resources that outline the impact of the Stimulus Bill on HR professionals. “By cutting costs and maintaining cost savings through technology, we are working with our customers to develop procedures for them to remain competitive in their respective markets” says Dresser. Their customers are sure to know what needs to be done in order to comply with the new legislation and how to minimize any financial impact.

Keeping the customers well-informed is crucial to Dresser’s success. On-site events and conferences support customers, promote relationship building, and give full exposure to product capabilities.

Upcoming Events:

  • Half-Day Abra User Conference: March 10th, 2009 Fort Myers, FL
  • Half-Day Hybrid Payroll Seminar: March 19th, 2009 Natick, MA
  • Half-Day Hybrid Payroll Seminar: April 9th, 2009 Clearwater, FL
  • Full Day Abra User Conference: April 22nd, 2009 Atlanta, GA

(Each event will have a discussion on the impact of the stimulus plan on Cobra Administration, led by a subject expert.)

With a growing customer base Dresser has created The Alliance for Workforce Management, located throughout North America, to provide the fullest capacity of customer support possible and maintain customer success. The Alliance for Workforce Management is designed to make better use of technology for human capital management, as well as allowing consultants dedicated to assisting the Sage Abra HR community to find the necessary resources to customize benefit plans. Payroll professionals are able to utilize technology more effectively to help reduce costs and maximize efficiencies and practices which is especially crtitical in today’s troublesome economic times.

Dresser & Associates’ commitment to their customers is what makes them Sage’s #1 Business Partner.

About Dresser:
Dresser & Associates was founded in 1991 as a management consulting firm and became a Sage Software business partner in 1997. Headquartered in Scarborough, Maine, Dresser has regional offices in Georgia, Florida and Kentucky. Dresser is one of the leading National Partners for Sage Software with customers in 38 states offering Sage Abra HRMS (formerly ABRA Suite), ABRA HR, Abra Learning Action Compliance, payroll software and HR software from Sage Software (formerly Best Software). They have been named to Sage Software’s Chairmans Club for three consecutive years. Dresser also offers on-going human resource management services on a consultant or outsourced basis, providing consulting services to improve operational and management performance. Dresser is dedicated to the continuing professional success of its customers and business partners.

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