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Dresser & Associates Introduces a Hybrid Payroll Solution

Scarborough, ME – June 8, 2009 – Dresser & Associates, the country’s leading Sage Abra HRMS (Human Resource Management System) partner, has announced a flexible and cost effective payroll processing solution that combines in house payroll processing with an outsourced tax filing and compliance service.

Dresser & Associates’ solution unites the Sage Abra HRMS Payroll module with Sage Tax Filing Services. Sage Abra Payroll is a highly regarded product used successfully by companies in a variety of industries for more than 25 years. Sage Tax Filing Services calculates and pays customers’ taxes to all the appropriate tax agencies in the correct tax formats, accurately and on time, using automatic funds transfer.

“Most companies find that an in-house payroll solution is more cost effective and involves no more work, and in many cases less work, than paying an outsourced payroll service,” said Mark Dresser, president of Dresser & Associates. “In fact, we’re seeing an increasing number of companies who previously outsourced their payroll deciding to bring these functions back in-house, where they enjoy full flexibility and control, while lowering overall costs. The trend is particularly pronounced in small to midsized companies—who have found the service bureaus’ promises of personalized service and lowered cost largely unfulfilled.”

In-house payroll processing offers distinct advantages; payroll tax processing, however, remains the single most difficult and expensive task associated with the payroll function, especially for businesses operating in multiple states and localities. Payroll tax compliance requires labor for both preparation and research of ever-changing tax laws and filing requirements. Costs associated with these tasks are climbing, but without them, companies risk having to pay costly penalties. “This hybrid-solution is ideal for many companies who value the convenience, control, and cost savings of an in-house payroll solution, yet may not have the personnel or the expertise on staff to ensure accurate and timely tax filings,” Dresser added. “In fact, one of our clients with a complex, multi-state payroll is saving more than $15,000 each month over the cost of their previous outsourced payroll service.”

Dresser & Associates offers a lease-to-own option allowing companies to pay a modest monthly fee during the lease period, after which they own the software and do not face the ongoing monthly costs associated with an entirely outsourced model.

About Dresser & Associates

Dresser & Associates was founded in 1991 as a management consulting firm and became a Sage North America business partner in 1997. Headquartered in Scarborough, Maine, Dresser has regional offices in Georgia, Florida and Kentucky. Dresser is one of the leading National Partners for Sage with customers in 38 states offering Sage Abra HRMS (formerly ABRA Suite), Abra HR and payroll software from Sage North America. They have been named to the Sage Chairman’s Club for four consecutive years. Dresser also offers on-going human resource management services on a consultant or outsourced basis, providing consulting services to improve operational and management performance. Dresser is dedicated to the continuing professional success of its customers and business partners. Learn more at www.dresserassociates.com or by calling (866) 885-7212.

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