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Dresser & Associates Expands Customer Portfolio With Integration of Two HRMS Practices

Infisoft Software and Shafer Solutions Move Sage HRMS Practices to Dresser & Associates

Scarborough, ME —July 10, 2013 — Dresser & Associates, a premier Sage HRMS business partner, announced today that it has expanded its business practice with the integration of Infisoft Software’s and Shafer Solutions’ customer portfolios into its own. Dresser & Associates is the leading Sage Abra and Sage HRMS solution provider in the nation, providing human resource management software and value-added services to hundreds of businesses throughout North America.

As the business landscape has changed over the years, Infisoft made the decision to explore new ventures. “As Infisoft and I begin to pursue new opportunities, I believe it is only fair to our customers to ensure that they are in the most capable hands available,” said Jeff Barefoot of Infisoft. “I have complete faith in Dresser & Associates’ abilities.”

Recent changes caused Shafer Solutions to make the strategic business decision to focus solely on the sales and support of accounting and CRM solutions. “We approached this decision from the vantage point of providing the best customer service and best customer experience while exceeding the expectations that our valued customers place upon us,” said Larry Shafer, president of Shafer Solutions. “When looking for a firm to help provide these resources, Dresser was our first choice. They share our vision and a dedication to the continuing professional success of their customers.”

“We welcome the clients of Infisoft and Shafer Solutions,” said Mark Dresser, president of Dresser & Associates. “Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible, ensuring all of our clients receive the high level of service and attention we are known for. Dresser & Associates focuses solely on providing human resource management solutions, and that focus means we can offer a vast array of complementary services that help businesses build efficiency and profitability. The combination of our commitment to our clients and our service offerings are what appealed to both Infisoft and Shafer Solutions as they sought the best partner for their clients going forward.”


About Dresser & Associates

Dresser & Associates was founded in 1991 as a management consulting firm and became a Sage North America business partner in 1997. Headquartered in Scarborough, Maine, Dresser has regional offices in Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Dresser is one of the leading National Partners for Sage with customers in 38 states offering Sage HRMS (formerly Sage Abra HRMS), Abra HR and payroll software from Sage North America. They have been named to the Sage Chairman’s Club for five consecutive years. Dresser also offers on-going human resource management services on a consultant or outsourced basis, providing consulting services to improve operational and management performance. Dresser is dedicated to the continuing professional success of its customers and business partners. Learn more at www.dresserassociates.com or by calling (866) 885-7212.

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