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What do Customers Expect?

All customers expect certain things when they call, or when they come to your business. These expectations are the basis of all good support or customer service by making the customer experience pleasant and hassle free. This is often the difference you have over your competitors.

The first thing customers want is the service you are providing to be timely
. I purposely did not use the words fast or quick. Customers want the service to be provided in a quick fashion, but not at the expense of quality. Quality should never be measured by time. Quality should be measured in call resolution. Support and customer service reps should never feel they are on a stop watch. If the rep feels they have to shorten their call even when they may not have provided a resolution to the customer’s issue, this results in higher call volumes because customers have to call back to get a satisfactory resolution to their issue.

Now that is not to say that call duration should not be monitored. And when you see a pattern of long calls forming, you should coach the rep in ending calls instead of dragging them out. There are techniques to getting a satisfactory solution formulated in a timely manner. Coaching the reps in controlling the call is one of the most important skills you can teach.

The second thing customers expect is the easy access to the support or customer service reps. If they are put on hold, they do not want to listen to endless commercials for the product or service that is not working for them. They would love to have all the benefits promised in the on-hold commercials. This type of service only makes the customer more upset. The best on-hold experience is easy listening instrumental music.

Remember my purpose in writing this article is to define what customers expect when they call for support, or customer service. The above does not hold true with prospective customers, sales call or marketing. On-hold commercials are welcomed in this instance and actually provide needed information the customer may not otherwise know. For example, a customer wants a product or service. While they or on-hold they find out you also provide a related product they did not know about.

Customers expect an experience that is personal, as if they where your only customer. They want to speak to someone that is polite, calm and knowledgeable. They want to be treated with respect. If they had the knowledge in the first place they would not be calling you. The same holds true for the customer. They should not expect you to be able to answer every question every time. If you do not know the answer, tell them you will need to do some research, give them a time that you will return the call, and keep that promise, even if you do not have the answer yet. This shows the customer that they can count on you to keep your word.

Positive customer experience is the driving force behind all your future business. Meeting the customer’s expectations for a pleasant, timely, calm and knowledge-filled meeting, while on the phone or in person, will help to generate future sales and have a well satisfied customer base.

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