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A Hire Purpose–Great Hiring Decisions Are Not an Accident!

Human resources has been playing an increasingly critical role in the success of today’s small and mid-sized businesses. Savvy business owners and executives realize that the most critical element of their success is their people. The question becomes how to attract and keep the best ones working for you.

Over the last twelve years, I’ve helped organizations of all sizes deal with their HR and employee management issues. Those I found to be leaders in attracting and retaining the best employees have all had a reliable and consistent recruitment and hiring process, one that is repeatable and ensures quality results each time.

Every business I’ve known to be successful at attracting and retaining reliable, productive employees clearly defines the behaviors, skills and attributes most essential to the roles they are filling. This clarity in their recruitment efforts ensures high quality, long term hires and outstanding support for their business.

It amazes me how many companies I encounter that work so hard to identify a new hire only to skip the most critical step – checking their work. Every successful business I’ve worked with is adept at uncovering the information they need to ensure that the selection they make has the best possible chance for success, every time.

Due diligence

In today’s age not performing a pre-employment background check is the equivalent of running into oncoming traffic only to hope the cars slow down enough for you make it to the other side safely. If you are hiring or planning on hiring anytime soon and want to get a quality background check done with instant turnaround so you can feel comfortable making your next hiring decision check out HR411’s online screening center — it provides comprehensive tools, is easy to use and will be the best $20 you ever spent.

Until next time. Good luck and good hiring!

Michael Pires

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