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The 2013 HR Ecosystem Report

What is the “HR Ecosystem?” According to Erin Osterhaus of Software Advice, a company that reviews HR software, the following business models make up the HR Ecosystem: staffing and recruiting firms, business service providers, management consulting firms and HR technology firms.

Each year, Inc. Magazine releases its list of the top 5000 fastest-growing companies in the US. Osterhaus used this data from the Inc. 5000 2008 and 2013 lists to uncover the major changes the HR Ecosystem has experienced. The report analyzes and compares industry growth, services provided and geography of the fastest-growing HR companies from these two years.


In 2013, the HR Ecosystem grew and changed as overall revenue for the companies serving the HR function on Inc.’s list increased, and the organizations represented now employ more individuals than they did five years ago. Based on this data, it looks like these positive trends will continue in 2014.

View the entire report below.

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