Dresser & Associates Helps Build Success For Erland Construction

HR Software That Perfectly Fit Their Diverse Intercompany Environment

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Dresser & Associates works hard for us. Their product knowledge and experience is impressive."

Erland Construction

For more than 30 years, Erland Construction has been building its success through a reputation for quality and integrity. As evidence of its commitment to total client satisfaction, much of the company's work is for repeat clients. Erland Construction is also committed to improving the efficiency in its operations, and turns to Dresser & Associates and United Solutions to help keep its human resources, payroll, and job costing functions running smoothly.

Manual Entry Slows The Job

For several years, Erland Construction had been enjoying the efficiencies of Sage Timberline Office, but until recently it relied on separate spreadsheets databases to track its HR data. "We had spreadsheets for every single benefit and an Access database to track attendance," recalls Nancy Martin, HR director for Erland Construction. "With 150 employees, it required a tremendous amount of manual entry and maintenance. It also was very difficult to retrieve the data for reporting purposes." Rather than hiring additional staff to manage the manual tasks, the company decided to invest in technology.

A Strong Foundation In Sage HRMS

Erland Construction looked at several human resource management systems (HRMS) before deciding on Sage HRMS. "Several colleagues from the HR association I belong to recommended Sage HRMS," recalls Martin. "The ACG (Association of General Contractors) forum recommended it too. Everyone that was using Sage HRMS loved it.

That made quite an impression on us." The fact that Sage HRMS can be integrated with Sage Timberline Office Payroll was the deciding factor for Erland Construction. "The integration would eliminate the duplicate data entry we were struggling with," adds Martin.

A call to Sage resulted in a referral to Dresser & Associates, a premier solution provider for Sage HRMS. "We were quickly comfortable and impressed with Dresser & Associates," Martin says. "They laid out a clear plan for the installation and implementation process and then worked closely with our IT team and with United Systems, our Timberline partner, to make it happen."

Productive Right From The Start

During the implementation, Dresser & Associates transferred employee data from Sage Timberline Office to Sage HRMS HR, preloading the system so the company could be productive right from the start. Now, new hire information and updated employee data flows from Sage HRMS to Sage Timberline Office, eliminating the need to maintain this critical information in both systems.

Integration Saves Time And Money

Dresser & Associates and United Systems worked to ensure the integration between the two solutions is seamless. Now, prior to weekly payroll processing, updated benefit and deduction data is transferred from Sage HRMS HR to Sage Timberline Office Payroll. Following payroll processing, attendance data is sent from Sage Timberline to Sage HRMS Attendance. "Both of these used to be entirely manual processes. We had to key in benefit changes from our spreadsheets in Payroll and then rekey attendance data into our database from a report," says Martin. "We are easily saving at least 7 hours a week."

End of the year processing is another area where Sage HRMS is saving the company time and money. Before, Martin and her staff would have to manually calculate accruals and carryover and create new attendance worksheets. "Our employees' accrual rates vary based on their length of employment, and each year we'd have to manually adjust these," she says. "Now, Sage HRMS does this for us automatically - our spreadsheets are gone."

Construct Meaningful Reports

Using the powerful and flexible reporting functionality of Sage HRMS, Dresser & Associates has developed several customized reports to meet the unique needs of Erland Construction. "They created a benefit letter we give to employees," says Martin. "We have always wanted to provide this, but it was much too time consuming to gather the information."

Streamlined Recruiting

Currently, Dresser & Associates is implementing the eRecruiter module which will automate many of the tasks associated with recruiting, saving the company time and money. With eRecruiter, Erland Construction can build an online career center that matches the look of the company Website. New job requisitions can be posted to the career center, and candidates can fill out an application online, or upload their resume for review. "We anticipate that we will be able to discontinue the use of an outside recruiter," says Martin.

Martin appreciates the commitment to quality service demonstrated by Dresser & Associates. "Dresser & Associates works hard for us. Their product knowledge and experience is impressive," she concludes.

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