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What is a blog/weblog?

The term blog is a shortened version of “web log,” the proper term for this kind of Internet software. Basically, a weblog is just that — a log of events, news, or information on the web. Typically organized in reverse chronological order, web logs are the most modern incarnation of diary-style websites which have been around since the very beginning of the Internet.

Today’s blogs are much more than personal or professional diaries, however, as a technology called RSS makes it incredibly easy for people across the world to subscribe to these websites and receive updates whenever a new entry is posted. Newspapers such as the Boston Globe and New York Times have embraced blogs as another avenue of providing op-ed style content, while major companies such as GM and Microsoft use blogs as a PR tool and to engage customers in a less formal manner than most corporate communications.

The conversational and timely nature of blogs has made them hugely popular, and allows companies of all sizes to share knowledge and expertise of their respective industries and develop a more personal relationship to their customers on the Internet. Dresser & Associates joins this Internet phenomenon with our Sage Abra HRMS news blog which shares information about Sage Abra HRMS and the many ways to get the most out of this powerful software.

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