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Sage Payroll PayCards

Save money on your payroll processing costs with the Sage Payroll PayCard, an easy-to-use alternative to paper paychecks. Paying an employee with Sage Payroll PayCard costs only a fraction as much as a paper paycheck, and it's also much more secure. It easily integrates with your existing payroll system and features a user-friendly online enrollment platform. Employees can use the Sage Payroll PayCard anywhere Visa or debit cards are accepted.

Using the Sage Payroll PayCard, your payroll department can:

Sage Payroll PayCards
  • Save the costs of printing and delivering paper paychecks.
  • Virtually eliminate the costs associated with reissuing lost or stolen paychecks.
  • Help unbanked employees avoid expensive check-cashing and money order fees.
  • Empower all employees to easily budget a portion of their paycheck to the card.

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