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Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger

Create a streamlined, paperless communication process with your organization's benefits carriers using Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger. This service automates the secure delivery of employee benefits enrollment data to health insurance carriers after open enrollment periods as well as ongoing life event changes. It helps you provide accurate, timely election information to each benefit carrier by automatically reformatting and delivering the data in Sage HRMS.

Combined with Sage Benefits Enrollment, Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger completes an end-to-end paperless benefits management workflow. It helps the HR department to:

Automated Benefit Carrier Connectivity
  • Avoid costly errors associated with duplicate data entry, typographical errors, and "missed enrollments."
  • More easily switch carriers when you're shopping for cost-effective insurance plans.
  • Virtually eliminate the need for handling paper, saving your organization time and money while supporting green initiatives.

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