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Sage HRMS Employee Self Service

The best decisions about your workforce depend on access to accurate, timely information about employees. Within Sage HRMS Employee Self Service (Sage HRMS ESS) you'll find employee analytics technology that allows HR professionals to securely provide on-demand Sage HRMS workforce data to executives, managers, and others.

Easily define dynamic "views" of employee and cost data that are always kept up to date and tailored to the information needs of each recipient. Share high-level performance metrics with executives. Empower managers to see attendance or performance data for their direct reports, on demand.

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Create customized views for your HR team about benefits, compensation, time-off, training, and more. The recipients of your employee analytics information can access the real-time data in a variety of formats, from computers or mobile devices–all controlled by the tight security of Sage HRMS ESS.

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