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FAQs for Purchasing Power

What is Purchasing Power?

Purchasing Power is the premier employee purchase program that helps employees purchase name-brand products with manageable monthly payments through payroll deduction over 12 months. Since 2001, Purchasing Power has serviced more than 500,000 orders for employees of leading companies, including Fortune 500 and government agencies. Purchasing Power is licensed in all 50 states as a reseller of personal computers, consumer electronics, and home appliances, and maintains relationships with major manufacturers, as well as resellers, distributors and other suppliers.

How is Purchasing Power better for my employees than others?

We make it possible for companies to provide their employees an easy, responsible way to buy name-brand products through payroll deduction – from computers to home appliances to electronics. Our responsible alternative helps employers reduce financial stress in the workplace and increase employee productivity. Plus, employees know the total cost of the item up front, avoiding late fees and long-term payment plans. To help with disciplined spending, there are also spending limits in place, depending on the employee's salary, which helps protect them from over-extending themselves.

How does this program complement other existing benefits?

Purchasing Power is a tangible benefit that employees can start enjoying today. Our program is often sought by employees who do not participate heavily in other voluntary benefits. Additionally, Purchasing Power provides an excellent supplement to an existing manufacturer cash discount program by offering an option for those employees who could not participate in that program. So regardless of credit status, all employees can benefit from Purchasing Power.

What are the direct and indirect costs for the employer?

There are no implementation or participation fees for the employer, and Purchasing Power assumes all liability associated with purchases, even for terminated employees. The employer is responsible for managing the payroll deduction process.

Can payments be set up as pre-tax deductions?

Presently, state and federal laws do not provide for this option.

Can an employer select the products they offer to employees?

No. The success of Purchasing Power's product offerings and categories is proven by our thousands of customers, and our high participation and customer satisfaction levels. We establish relationships with our preferred manufacturers to deliver high quality brand-name products.

What percentage of employees participates in the program?

Once launched, the program typically yields an annual participation rate of 5-10%.

How much time does it take to administer the program?

The program requires a minimal amount of time for Payroll and HR departments. Business processes can be automated to eliminate manual intervention.

How are the employees’ eligibility requirements determined?

An employee qualifies to participate based on tenure and salary. Tenure requirements are based upon the employer's industry classification and Bureau of Labor Statistics. We can approximate the tenure requirement of a prospective employer prior to contract execution, but the employee turnover data that is provided in the Employer Application is ultimately used to set the income and tenure requirements.

Is there a specific period for payroll deductions or can it vary?

The standard payroll deduction payment term is 12 months. We can accommodate all payroll frequencies (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, etc.).

How and when is the program communicated to employees?

Purchasing Power handles the communication of the program from start to finish, covering all costs. The program is proactively promoted by Purchasing Power throughout the year with three major campaigns – Spring, Back-to-School and Holiday – and three supplemental campaigns in between. An Account Manager will work with the employer to develop a plan, which may include direct mail, email, posters, flyers, and/or payroll stuffers. We're pleased to offer customized sections on all of our communication materials, including your company logo and your employees' qualification criteria.

What security measures do you have in place?

At Purchasing Power, we take the privacy of your employees seriously. We have a number of security features in place such as encrypted data transfers, secure websites, authentication, and Red Flag Rules compliance. Purchasing Power uses FTP with PGP encryption or HTTPS secure websites for all data transfers. Stored data is encrypted and access to this information is restricted.

What type of services are provided for employee purchases?

Purchasing Power handles everything from start to finish: qualification, purchasing, shipping, payments and customer service.

Are you able to sell to Spanish-speaking employees?

Purchasing Power can provide marketing and customer support in Spanish based on the needs of the employer.

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