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Sage HRMS User Survey - Win a Kindle!

Help keep Dresser & Associates moving in the right direction by completing our Annual Sage HRMS Users Survey! Complete by September 30th to be entered to win!

In an ongoing effort to offer the highest level of support for Sage HRMS Users, we are seeking your input. We ask that you and other Sage HRMS Users at your company complete this survey. Your input will help us develop and modify resources to help maximize the effectiveness of your Sage HRMS system.

What's this thing about winning? You win by telling us the kind of support you want for your Sage HRMS system. We design our Sage HRMS resources and support structure from the input we receive from you through this survey.

Enter to win by filling out our short survey, and thank you!

5. Which of the following have you accessed?

6. Have you attended any of our User Group Meetings or the recent Sage HRMS Conference?

7. Does your Sage HRMS System have all the functionality you need to streamline your processes?

8. Are you saving the time and/or money that you could with your current Sage HRMS Solution?

9. Is the technology as up-to-date as you would like?

10. Are you using your Sage HRMS Solution because it works or because you have to?

12. Would you like Dresser & Associates to offer more Sage HRMS End User Training?

13. Dresser & Associates, in conjunction with several Benefit Consultants has
started to offer seminars that outline new opportunities for benefit cost containment.
Should we continue to offer similar seminars in the future?

14. Is your payroll supported inhouse or is it outsourced?

If no, would you like information on how you can link Sage HRMS HR and your payroll system, eliminating double entry?

15a. Are you receiving adequate support from a Business Partner for your accounting package?

15b. Does your payroll solution interface with your GL (accounting package)?

15c. Has your company recently installed a new or replaced their financial accounting software?

16. Does your Human Resource system support external employees and/or sites?

17. How often do you access the Sage Web-based solution center and Knowledge base?

22. Would you recommend Dresser & Associates to your colleagues?

If yes, is there someone we should contact about Sage HRMS products?

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